Simpleness is the mirror of Christ’s face;

a mirror that reflects purity and love,

but also a great strength, in my everlasting fragility.

It’s the smile of a kid happy and lighthearted,

it’s the remorse of a son that, recognizing his fault,

rubs along the legs of his mother to say sorry;

It’s being ready to leave all to follow Jesus

as he himself has asked us to.

Simpleness is the light wind that God uses

to enter softly into our hearts, to then unleash

a storm of love.

Simpleness is in little words: God is infinite.


Languages: English. post_translations: pll_5d459f24b7d4c. Tematiche: Love, Faith and Prayer. Categorie: Poetry.


"E poi un giorno la luce, il pianto, non di sofferenza, ma quasi di commozione..."

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