Oh, how much time has passed since I said

for the first time, through crying and laughter,


From her I have learned what I know and what I have

given to my children. And to think that after having sacrificed so much for them

I’m nothing more than an added tax to the pay slip.

I know I have the Lord, but I just can’t

go on without the affection of my loved ones.

Just a smile, an embrace would be enough for me;

children and grandchildren close to me, even for a moment,

would give me the faith, the joy, the hope,

after this long life, to arrive at Jesus Christ,

Our Lord, as I’ve always prayed.

And meanwhile I fix my gaze, with a crown of the

Holy Rosary in my hand, on the door,

hoping that one day my prayers will become true.

I trust in you my Lord.


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