Wednesday, 26 april 2006

How hard it is to be a Christian everyday, to live up to it amidst a society turned agnostic. It‘s very difficult, in fact, to be accepted by others when you are a follower of Jesus, because his Word feels uncomfortable to those who prefer sin, just as light does for those who have spent too much time in darkness. (…)

At this point, considering what has been said, you could think that Christianity might be a religion that isolates you from society, but I want to make clear at once what I’m trying to say.

It’s not as if Christ Jesus didn‘t want friendship, on the contrary, but we need to distinguish between friendship and love.

Love has to be felt everyday, to God and to our neighbour (if we want to be followers of Christ), in particular to those we find unappealing or those that want to impact change on us.

Friendship, on the other hand, is a feeling that has to be cultivated and that has to appear spontaneously, because a true friend is hard to find, but he who „finds a friend finds a treasure“.

Thus I don‘t blame the one who‘s beside me but doesn‘t succeed in being my friend.

To conclude, it is difficult to be a Christian and as such to find friends (sometimes to keep one‘s own faith one has to break up friendships), but we mustn‘t fear to communicate our faith.

Even if everyone would leave us, He would still remain, our God, our heavenly Father, our best friend. God!

Matteo Farina


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