How many thoughts,

how many decisions to take;

how many uncertainties, how many emotions.

I feel something inside of me,

but I don’t understand what it is.

What is it Jesus?

What do you want of me?

I’m so puzzled about so many things…

Fragment of life that splinters the heart;

here I am in the midst of my adolescence.

I feel as if I’m in front of a mirror,

but at times it’s me that’s the mirror;

through difficulties and smiles I scrutinize my soul…

What is it Jesus?

What do you want of me?

I feel as if I’m in the fog

I can see my future only one step ahead.

The many doubts are here and then torn by lightnings of certainty.

There it is my hope, there it is my certainty:

it’s you, Lord, hold me close to you!


Languages: English. post_translations: pll_5d45a4aa4a069. Tematiche: Love, Faith, Prayer and Suffering. Categorie: Poetry.


"E poi un giorno la luce, il pianto, non di sofferenza, ma quasi di commozione..."

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