Why do you choose me?
Why do you give me faith and all your gifts?
Who am I to deserve this?
I’m a useless servant.
But it’s not the right question.
Who are you?
Who are you to be content with me?
How is your love great to choose me as your servant in despite of my sins?
Why me and not someone else?
I would immerse myself in your love my God,
in order to look at the world as you look at it,
even for a little moment, to realize how you win everything with love.
I’m among lots of people who don’t believe in you my God.
Why do you ask me to testify you?
Is my nothingness enough for you?
What are your plans for me?
How can I serve you my God?
It’s difficult to live in the world when faith tell us that we don’t belong to the world.
But if you ask me about it, if it’s the reason why you want me, it isn’t impossible.
You know my limits better than me.
My God, I have two hands, let one of them to be always clasped to you in order to
hold you closer in every trial.
And let the other hand fall throughout the world, if this is your will, I beg you…
As I know you by others, so let others to know you through me.
I want to be a mirror, the clearest possible, and if this is your will, I want to reflect
your light in the heart of every man.
Thanks for life.
Thanks for faith.
Thanks for love.
I’m yours.


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