And then one day the light, the weeping,
not of suffering, but almost of emotion.
The hand of God upon a new soul;
another project of love of Our Lord.
And here a new life begins to walk,
amongst rocks and weeds, amongst thorns and roses;
there will be days you’ll want to give it all up,
days that’ll make you want to have never been born,
that make you discover to have chosen the wrong thing,
and make you believe to never be able to do anything again.
No, don’t give up, trust in God…
And here you find love,
you find again the life and the hope for one like you who has suffered and suffers.
Then one day the disease, you feel forsaken, but, it’s not like that.
Once more you find the strength in Him;
this is how you’ll live all your life, through highs and lows
through joy and suffering, through grace and sin…
One day a slender sheet will bring you back to your Creator,
and again the weeping, another weeping of emotion
if you’ll have lived with him: begins a new life, the real one.


Languages: English. post_translations: pll_5d459e274a6a9. Tematiche: Love, Faith, Prayer, Suffering and Disease. Categorie: Poetry.


"E poi un giorno la luce, il pianto, non di sofferenza, ma quasi di commozione..."

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