A walk

Goodmorning Jesus!
The birds are chirping as the sun is rising;
feel the fineness of the air!
Let’s take a walk.
One step after another trace the marks of our path.
Listen, Jesus!
The harmonious sound of the waves
that gently kiss and caress our feet
just as I would want to do with yours…
Listen, Jesus!
The wind touches our faces… what feelings!
But the greatest feeling comes from you
You take my hand and embrace me with warmth
even when I sin, especially when I sin!
My face is moistend by the tears of emotion…
Listen, Jesus!
The air is getting cooler, the sun is about to set.
What multitude of colours! I can’t distinguish where the sea ends and the sky begins.
Listen, Jesus!
The sun has yielded its place to the sister moon; how many stars are painting the sky.
I’m tired, Jesus!
Let’s sit together and pray,
let’s thank God for this fantastic life!
And in doing so my eyes are closing,
oscillating like the waves of the dark sea,
that always lends a background to the landscape
I’m going to sleep, Jesus! But you, don’t leave me!
You hold my hand and kiss my forehead,
the most beautiful “Goodnight” of the world!
Safe in your arms my day is drawing to a close…
I love you, my Jesus!
Matteo Farina


Languages: English. post_translations: pll_5d4570257aecf. Tematiche: Love, Faith and Prayer. Categorie: Poetry.


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