15 Years

15 years that I’ve been born.

15 years that I’m learning to know you,

always more infinite and merciful.

15 years that my heart is beating for you.

15 years of roses and thorns, smiles and mistakes.

15 years that I wake up every morning and

the sun rises, just as the love for you in my heart.

15 years in the joy of my family.

15 years that I discover every morning something else within me

and especially that you offer me little grains of infinity.

15 years of adventures – how many of them with you!

The best ones.

15 years that my heart is beating for you, through highs and lows,

15 years that every time when I’m sad you draw again

the smile on my face.

15 years of prayer, not always constant, but as heartfelt as possible.

15 years spent with you.

I hope to continue to grow side by side with my Lord.

15 years.

Thank you for living.

Thank you infinitely.


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