Saturday 2nd april… And now? John Paul II. has died, has completed his walk of Faith on this earth, to go to the Lord.

(…) Death are the soft sheets that God uses to bring us back to himself, it’s freedom of sin, a breeze of love that says “now let go and trust on me”. Karol Wojtyla knew this very well and it is because of this that he lived all his life trusting the Lord (“Totus Tuus”), he was always faithful to God, which is the only answer to the question: “What happens after death?”. Just as Jesus Christ has taught us with his passion, the “pontiff of everyone” knew to always embrace the cross, especially in suffering, and was fully aware that the road to salvation is just one: the Son of God, Jesus Christ our Lord. John Paul II. lived a whole life with God in a way that is exemplary for us, an example to follow if we want the joy of the real life: “Open wide the doors for Christ”.

The whole earth is in mourning for the death of the “Pope of the youth”, but, as a matter of fact, this is not so much the death of a man but the triumph of a life lived in the love of God. It’s exactly this, in my opinion, that has to comfort us, because it’s really John Paul II. that wants to enter everyone’s heart to move us to love each other. Karol Wojtyla was a great pope; he knew how to soften the hearts of the powerful and at the same time to help the poorest, while he was always seeking to send a message of peace to the heart of everyone.

(…) What I really hope is that the life of Wojtyla would be the drop that hollows the rock, an arrow of love that by hitting the heart of every person would lead to the salvation of many and many souls.

Just as Jesus Christ John Paul II. will leave this earth remaining forever in the hearts of all: “I am with you always, to the end of the age.”

It’s really accompanied by him that we have to walk towards the Good and in the Good, even if the road is steep and bumpy, even if the suffering can seemingly attack our soul. Karol Wojtyla’s advice is simple and clear: “damose da fà, volemose bene!”


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