You’re young and with your friends,

and every time you see a pretty boy,

you laugh and dream up fantasies

who might be so fortunate to marry him.

You’re fragile and sensitive, shy,

but in front of your friends

you’re trying to pretend the opposite.

Every time you’re with them

and you see a pretty girl you’re ready to say

that she doesn’t interest you.

But your heart

knows that you’re lying.

One night, at the cinema’s exit a passing glance,

you don’t know each other

but it’s love right away.

Hand in hand you spend your youth together

still hand in hand you promise each other

before God to love and to honor each other

for all the days of your life. Spouses.

Hand in hand you raise your children, through joy and hardship,

but always in love. Spouses.

Hand in hand you dote on your grandchildren;

life continues. Spouses.

Hand in hand you close your eyes together for the last time,

upon opening them again before the Creator.

Hand in hand… Spouses!


Languages: English. post_translations: pll_5d45a3ee7803d. Tematiche: Love, Faith and Prayer. Categorie: Poetry.


"E poi un giorno la luce, il pianto, non di sofferenza, ma quasi di commozione..."

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